Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a treatment protocol designed to help people reduce the intensity of unwanted emotions and change the way people think about traumatic experiences so they are less troubling.

Trauma has been redefined with this approach into two categories: Big T’s = Big Traumas and Little t’s = Little Traumas.  Big T’s include events such as: abuse, abandonment, neglect, near death experiences, etc.  Little t’s are those minor incidences which everybody incurs throughout life such as not getting picked to be on the sports team, not getting invited to a party, not getting asked out by a love interest.  Big T’s and Little t’s send very powerful messages to people about their worth and subsequently negative cognitions develop such as, “I am not good enough,” I am not important,” I am not lovable,” etc.  These core negative beliefs drive emotions and actions.  Thus, EMDR seeks to change people’s perceptions about themselves and events in order to effect a positive change in emotion and behaviors.  EMDR is an evidenced based practice which allows therapists to assist clients in the venture of improving their present-day quality of life.

Both Matthew and Valorie have completed their EMDR certification and are able to provide EMDR therapy with their population.